From the written word to HTML to graphic design, if you can imagine it, we can create it. We build web sites that generate traffic, copy that gets read, and create integrated marketing campaigns in digital and print formats.

MickMedia has been engaged to conduct original research, prepare visual presentations, and develop educational content for online learning, corporate training, and permanent museum placement. We work for a diverse audience of clients, and with 23 years of real-world experience we have a strong understanding of business challenges, constraints, and unique situations.

Our specialty is to serve as your outsourced marketing department. MickMedia becomes part of your team, fully engaged in your business. We remain available on a continuous basis to provide all necessary advisory and creative services for you to effectively market and promote your products and services. Moreover, we provide this service at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise incur to build and run an in-house marketing department.

At MickMedia we offer a menu of business communication products, services, and systems to ensure your message is heard, understood, and your overall market presence enhanced.

What can we do for you? Call MickMedia now at: 201-317-2165 or email us for a no-cost consultation.