logo fsi was created as a joint venture between MickMedia and several subject matter experts for the purpose of providing online educational safety material to the foodservice industry. The project arose from the publication of Food Safety Management and Compliance, written by the Founder of MickMedia, in 1996.

The foodservice industry is regulated by local health departments, who often require a course of instruction in the prevention of foodborne illness prior to employment. The partners determined a void existed in the delivery of online food safety learning and that conditions were favorable to launch an effort to penetrate the marketplace.

The partners developed a Business and Marketing Plan that validated their perception. The newly formed business raised several hundred thousand dollars to plan, build, and market its products and services. The business further formed relationships with major insurance carriers, who saw the value in having a group of food safety experts available to assist with insurance claims, business closures, expert witness, and crisis management.

To support its fundraising and marketing efforts, MickMedia designed and created a 10-minute introductory video for distribution to target audiences.

After two years of product development and promotion, the company was sold to Vivid Learning Systems, of Richland, Washington, one of the largest online providers of regulation-mandated education in the United States.