We are a full-service integrated marketing agency with an established track record of success in helping clients creatively and effectively promote their products, services, and ideas in the business-to-business, consumer, and non-profit markets.

MickMedia works with a wide variety of clients in all aspects of print and digital media, strategy, and brand development. We are professional communicators with strong technical backgrounds. We create compelling web sites and eye-catching graphics, supplemented with strong research and copywriting skills that convey your message and demand attention.

MickMedia bridges the gap between consultancy and agency. With 23 years of industry experience, MickMedia speaks the language of business, thus affording a unique perspective uncommon in conventional media firms.

If you seek to create, enhance, or establish a persuasive argument for your business proposition, we can help you.


Companies struggle everyday with matching business needs to available resources. Outsourcing provides a low-cost alternative to setting up your own Marketing Department. MickMedia effectively serves in this role for many of our clients. We become part of your team and work closely with all aspects of strategy, planning, budgeting, and execution of the marketing plan.

Let us show you how to better manage your resources while obtaining the necessary marketing components to successfully run your business. Call MickMedia now at: 201-317-2165 or email us for a no-cost consultation.