MickMedia was contacted directly by the largest science museum in Maryland (Baltimore) because of our established reputation in developing science-based educational material in various media.

wscm map1

The museum was preparing to mount a major exhibition on Cellular Biology and wished to include a component covering the topic of stem cells. After considerable discussion, it was agreed to build a physical, touchscreen exhibit utilizing an interactive map of the world. The map would illustrate where stem cell activity was taking place globally based on multiple criteria. Users could activate any, or all, of the criteria, which would be displayed in different colors and sizes based upon the density of activity in a given geographic area.

The project first required the aggregation of all known stem cell research centers, stem cell banks, and private companies involved in stem cells. MickMedia built what is considered one of the largest and most complete databases of global stem cell information known, ultimately involving more that 1400 datapoints.

wscm map2

The touchscreen interface was designed and built principally using Flash, ActionScript, and XML. A companion website was built: A second physical exhibit has been built and is now traveling to other museums and learning centers in the U.S. as part of a mobile version of the Cellular Biology exhibit.

Recently, MickMedia was re-engaged by Maryland Science Center to add additional functionality to the map by creating 26 pop-up windows detailing the stem cell activity of specific countries and states.