In the wake of unprecedented cuts to New Jersey public school budgets, a group of concerned teachers and citizens decided to take matters into their own hands in an effort to turn lemons into lemonade.


In April, 2010, voters statewide turned down 58% of proposed school budgets, causing superintendents and school boards to scramble to find ways to operate with significantly less funding. As a consequence, hundreds of teaching positions in New Jersey are being eliminated and many academic programs are being cancelled or scaled back. All this leaves New Jersey, a national leader in public school education, in a precarious position.

To address this problem, www.NJTutors.org was created.  This web site is a matching service between professional educators and student tutoring needs.  It is exclusive to licensed NJ teachers.


Through the use of NJTutors.org, teachers may find additional income opportunities, and students or parents can search for professional educators to assist with their individual learning needs or to further their studies in subject areas no longer available. Use of the search service on the web site is free to parents and students, who then work directly with the tutor. In addition, parents can post a request for a tutor online. The service will then automatically notify appropriate tutors matching the request.

This web site, its logo, and all written content was produced at no charge by MickMedia in support of New Jersey teachers and students.