Operation of an in-house Marketing department can be a significant drain on resources, both human and financial. The addition of new personnel in a tight economy is a major consideration, and finding qualified candidates can be a challenge. The cost of equipment to support the department can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Outsourcing has become an attractive alternative in many aspects of business operations. Many organizations outsource their payroll, for example. The work of Human Resources and Accounting departments are often left to specialized companies to manage. Typically, this work is performed at lower cost with faster turnaround. And since these companies are expert in their field, they remain current with changes to their industry.

Simply put, if you are a proponent of "lean" management with tight controls, outsourcing may be for you.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Like Human Resources or Accounting, MickMedia offers a complete turnkey Marketing department for your organization. We will work with you closely to understand your business, your products, and your objectives. We perform a thorough analysis of your marketing requirements and, if necessary, will provide a suggested list of areas to immediately address.

Our collaborative approach allows for us to become a member of your team, where all key personnel participate in the process and "buy-in" to the result. And we remain committed and available at all times.

Each outsourcing program is customized to the specific needs of the client. Depending on the nature of the need, MickMedia can serve on a retainer basis, or provide individual creative services as required.

Let us show you how to better manage your resources while obtaining the necessary marketing components to successfully run your business. Call MickMedia now at: 201-317-2165 or email us for a no-cost consultation.